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  Autumns Call

Autumn's Call

(Short Story)

When Autumn realizes death is chasing her, she runs only to be stalled by an unresolved ghost. Is he there to help her? Or does he want retribution for his murder?

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Original Release: February 2012

Cupid Painted Blind Anthology

Re-Release: September 23, 2014


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Anthology no longer available.




Cool lips pressed against hers as his body pushed her into the horse. She didn’t fully register what was happening at first. When her senses kicked in, she yanked her knee upward. The kiss ended and her knee didn’t connect.

Noting he was a little taller than her, she tilted her head accordingly. “What the fuck was that?” she yelled, wiping her mouth.

“What? Are you saving yourself for someone? It’s a little late for that, don’t you think?”

Fuming, she lunged toward the sound of his voice and swung her fists. She hit only air every time. She was angry, and she had every right to be. Not only was she dying before a ripe old age, but she couldn’t even see death coming for her.

“You are a ghost, aren’t you? I’m dead already from the blow to my head, and now I’m talking to a ghost.”

“Do I look like a ghost?”

She swung again toward the sound of his voice. Another miss. Damn it!

“When you get through the anger, I’m kissing you again.”

“Stop kissing me! This isn’t a game. It’s bad enough that I can’t control what’s happening, I don’t need you taking advantage of me.” She pulled up to the horse and mounted him. “And you needn’t hang around,” she said with a hard smile, “because this isn’t my last night. I have a plan.”



"Love has no boundary in this tale, and neither does the love making!! I just kept thinking how I totally didn't see the end coming!! It was brilliant!"

-- CJofNJ

"Paranormal romances are my favorite genre and I was very happy with the six short stories by authors I didn't know. I think my favorite one was Autumns Call...[by Lisa Rayns]" 

--Dafna Y


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